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Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Can we randomize a patient admitted to ICU (who received or not vasopressors initially) and who was discharged and then readmitted?
Answer: He cannot be randomized. It must be his 1st ICU admission during this hospital stay.

Question: Are patients with COVID-19 (suspected of or confirmed) eligible to participate in LOVIT?
Answer: Yes, patient with sepsis from bacterial or viral (influenza, COVID-19) source are eligible.

Question: Is the dose of vitamin C received by participants in the LOVIT Trial bigger than in cancer trials?
Answer: The dose of vitamin C received by participants in the LOVIT Trial is less than the one received by participants in cancer trials.
Question: Can patients with acute kidney injury participate in LOVIT?
Answer: Patients can participate as acute kidney injury is not an exclusion criteria.
Question: How can we be sure that the participant receives all the dose of the Investigation Product including what is in the tubing?
Answer: Do what you usually do to flush the line as long as it is always done the same way (ex: IP bag can be installed higher than the bag containing solute).
Question: How many vials of vitamin C will be reimbursed?
Answer: Only vials of vitamin C used for each participant assigned to vitamin C group will be reimbursed.

Question: What are the recommendations to handle and process the samples of a patient with COVID-19 suspected or confirmed?
Answer:  Institutional instructions must me followed first but the World Health Organization recommends to manipulate the samples in a confinement room of level 2.

Question: Patient is admitted for sepsis but no vasoppressors are required. Few hours later, patient needs to be sedated and then requires vasopressor infusion. Is this patient eligible if he didn't reach the 24 hours of admission?
Answer: Yes, this patient is eligible even if the vasopressors weren't started before sedation. This patient must still be on vasopressors at time of randomization.

Statstrip Glucometers and error #9:

Two sites experienced a problem with the Statstrip Xpress glucometer having an error #9. This error means that there is something in the blood sample that does not allow the device to measure the glucose value. We invite you to report this kind or error on Form 7— Adverse Event. All problems will be reported to the company which provided us the glucometers.