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TOP 10 Reasons to participate in LOVIT and LOVIT-COVID

  1. In the context of increasing off-label use of vitamin C for sepsis and ongoing trials of vitamin C bundled with other pharmacological interventions, the LOVIT and LOVIT-COVID Trials will constitute a trustworthy assessment of the effect of vitamin C alone on patient-important outcomes.
  1. The eligibility criteria are simple and pragmatic: all patients admitted to the ICU with proven or suspected infection as the main who are receiving vasopressor therapy.
  1. The randomization system is accessible 24/7 on Internet and bags can be prepared in advance to allow off-business hours randomization.
  1. The intervention is easy to implement: participants receive vitamin C or placebo every 6 hours for 96 hours.
  1. The safety profile for vitamin C is remarkably favourable.
  1. All co-interventions are at the discretion of the treating team.
  1. Blood and urine samples are collected only on days 1, 3, and 7 and will coincide with routine urine and blood testing.
  1. Study participants will be involved by being asked about their quality of life at 6 months.
  1. If vitamin C is proven to be effective, it is likely to be used worldwide and improve outcomes globally, given low cost and ease of administration.
  1. The LOVIT and LOVIT-COVID Coordinating Centre team is highly supportive and responsive to your needs and suggestions!